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Bust website rage with The WordPress Stress song

Feeling stressed out? You’re not alone. These days there are more sources of stress out there than ever.

The WordPress Stress song highlights frequent causes of website stress including: my developer won’t get back to me RAGE, how the f**k does anyone make sense of hosting RAGE and the all to common, what have I pressed to make everything move around on the page RAGE. It finishes with guidance on how to avoid more stress in the future.

The WordPress Stress song is designed to gently release left over frustration. Don’t give in to your stress – bust it!

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Got the website blues,
Sitting round trying to choose
fonts, colours, specifications
CMS, alien configurations

Got the website blues
my hosting companies not getting back
DNS, nameservers…… I think my developers on crack

Got the website blues
no one seems to know what their doing
we’re going round in circles
and I can feel trouble brewing

Got the website blues
the design has really gone off track
but the agency says its too late to turn back

Got the website blues
so many companies making websites in this great nation
but my friend went to India for his mobile application
All these blues, giving me grief
just cos I’m trying to give off the belief
trying to pretend like everybody else
that I’m something I’m not
and I’m not really working from my living room

All these blues
should have thought it through
before going ahead
with a design led solution
to a problem that can’t be fixed
by arranging pictures on  page,
that isn’t a page cos its lines of code
sitting on a server gathering dust
while your business grows rust

Because communication and promotion
is an art form to master
if you don’t pay attention
you might end up with a website disaster




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