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How to boost your WordPress SEO in 5 mins with free Google authorship

Have you noticed in Google’s search results some of the listings have photo’s next to them like these?

This is called Google Authorship. Basically its a way of getting people to sign up with Google+. Create an account with Google+, claim your authorship (takes a few minutes) and your search listing will rise. When I claimed authorship for my WordPress site my results jumped two pages in just a few days. Having your picture next to your results  increases the click through rate. So its definitely worth doing if you want to raise your websites visibility and click through rate.

Oh no, not another social media platform I hear you cry. Well yes it is but it doesn’t matter if you use it, the important bit is to create an account.

Step 1 – Create a Google+ Account

Google create an account page

Create an account here, add your photo and and some details about yourself including the website you want to claim authorship for in the links section of your profile.

Google+ profile

Step 2 – Link your Google+ profile to your website

wordpress user admin

Copy the address of your Google+ about page ( you can remove the text that says about etc. Either add a plugin like Google Plus Authorship and paste your address into the Google Plus profile field in your user account details. Or if you have SEO by Yoast add it to the Social section.

Step 3 – link your email address with Google

google email verification page

Make sure the email address on your WordPress admin is the same that you’re going to now verify. Go to, sign into your account, add your email in the empty field then click the verification link which should come immediately.

Step 4 – Test with Google’s webmaster tools

Google snippets tool

 Go to Google’s webmaster snippet tool and add your website address in the box and click preview. If its worked you will see your your listing with your image as it will look on Google like the image.

All you have to do now is wait a few weeks for Google to re-index your website.

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  1. Hi, I’m having difficulty with the ‘technical’ side of things, I have done the profile but the rest doesn’t seem to be working for me (completely my fault as this is brilliant info) – is there a (complete) idiots guide please as I am not very good at understanding the technical side of all this 🙁

    Thank you

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