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5 silent signals you’ve got WordPress Stress and how to get relief

WordPress is a wonderful thing, its empowered millions of people to create businesses and publish content online for free or for very little cost.

Before websites like WordPress you had to either pay someone a small fortune to make a website or you had to read a very big book about coding. Now the gate keepers have gone “wehhaayy!” and we’re free to make websites how we want them and when we want them.

Sounds great, so what’s the problem?

Unfortunately software and computers are not designed to be used by normal people. They’re only designed to be used by people who already know about computers. Otherwise they wouldn’t be so universally annoying to to use and you wouldn’t want to smash one up now and again out of sheer frustration.

smashed computer

WordPress is no different. Wonderful how it is with all its ‘freeness’, the plugins and the features, there is an overwhelming amount of choice, tons of buttons to press, manuals to read and knobs to twiddle.

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The next generation of Matrix style WordPress admin interface

What is WordPress stress?

WordPress stress is a relatively new condition of affected mentality.  WordPress stress is induced when an individual gets overwhelmed or confused or annoyed at spending too long trying to learn something that should be straightforward. Sufferers usually report feelings of being frazzled, weary and tense.

WordPress stress is not always bad. In small doses it can help you perform under pressure and can motivate you to do your best. But when you’re constantly running in emergency mode your mind can pay the price. Protect yourself by recognising the 5 signs and symptoms of WordPress stress by taking steps to reduce its harmful effects.

 The Anxiety Spiral

The “Anxiety Spiral” is a negative cycle of worry upon worry building up until one feels overwhelmed. Caused mainly from spending long periods of time in front of a computer with zero productivity. It is often associated with the “fight or flight” response. Very often it starts with something small like adding a new page and then the ‘what ifs’ start and before you know it you’ve installed 15 new plugins and you can’t get any of them to work.

Sufferers can get a feint nagging feeling that they are not actually solving the problem. Worst still is the feeling that you will break your website or that you are in an ongoing battle with your computer.

If you catch yourself repeating the words ‘I will not fail’ in your own mind, step away from the computer immediately. Cycles of anxiety can be broken very quickly with a break of as little as 15 minutes from the computer.

Dazzle eye

‘Dazzle eye’ is a condition caused by looking at large numbers of WordPress themes in intense sittings for weeks on end. Unable to choose a theme outright one spends long periods of time looking through theme galleries saying ‘that one’, ‘that one’ without getting anywhere.

The quick succession of brightly coloured designs combined with a lack of rational reasoning has a strobing affect on the brain that can cause one to be dazzled.

If you find yourself on ThemeForest  or blog articles called ‘The best WordPress themes’ making long lists of themes and your mood swings from euphoria to that of great loss stop what you are doing immediately. Dazzle eye can be broken with rational thought and the creation of a website outline.

In extreme cases dazzle eye drops are available from Obtrex (not an affiliate link).


‘Forumitus’ is caused by spending long periods of time on web forums reading answers that are too clever to be understood by the average person. Conflicting answers and fragmented instructions can lead sense to a sense of doubt, confusion and isolation. Some people report spending so long on a forum that they keep coming back to the same place. This has been dubbed the ‘forum maze’.

Sadly there is nothing that can be done once someone enters the ‘forum maze’ without outside intervention. You can however protect yourself from forumitus by contacting the company you’re going to use with a technical questions and evaluating the usefulness of the response before purchasing their products. Increasing your circle of associates to include people who know about these types of things has been know to also work.

 YouTube Mania

‘YouTube Mania’ is caused by watching endless videos on YouTube that start with long introductions before getting to the point. The repeated act of enduring amateurish type productions to discover the video is not appropriate can drive one to near lunacy or rage.

If you catch yourself quickly jumping from one YouTube video to another in a state of panic stop the video immediately and take a break. Evaluating the problem further and searching with more specific terms or phrases can help. If this does not work seek outside intervention.

sorry wer're closed sign 

Installation sickness

‘Installation sickness’ is the biggest cause of WordPress stress. It is the shock one gets after installing a new WordPress theme to discover it looks nothing like the demo version. In the worst cases people have been know to have an almost empty page with a random line of text that says  ‘Apologies, but no results were found’.

Bad manuals, terrible support and having to wait two weeks for a reply because a developer broke his leg (true story) can lead to a double whammy of distress.

If you find yourself in this situation, create a new page and call it ‘Home’. Go to Settings then Reading in your WordPress admin and set the ‘Home’ page to the static page. This has been know to magically get the theme working.

You can protect yourself from installation sickness  by testing the level of customer support offered by the developer or theme company by getting in contact and asking a technical question. If you can understand the reply its a good indication that you might be able to understand the manual.

There are over 60 million WordPress websites. Do you know someone that may be suffering from WordPress Stress? Share this article with them so they can protect themselves against this condition of affected mentality.

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