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We Power ICO Review

We Power is green energy trading platform that will connect producers to consumers. It will help to get new projects off the ground by enabling producers to raise capital by issuing their own energy tokens within the platform. They will then be able to sell the energy directly to consumers. We Power will also make it easier for people who want to get involved with renewable energy to invest in projects around the world.

This is why I’m excited about this ICO. It will enable the green energy infrastructure to grow by creating a marketplace and allowing for easier investment. More producers will be able to start up, more people will have access to energy, more money will then flow in and newer and better technology will be able to be created.

Here in the UK we really want affordable green energy but its expensive to set up and our government doesn’t see it as a priority. Hundreds of solar power companies went out of business when the solar power Feed-In-Tarif was cut. As of now there are pockets of green energy projects but nothing on the scale that is needed. Why should an issue so important be left to something so ineffective or fickle as government policy. I’m not suggesting that this ICO is going to solve everything but its a step in the right direction.

Some of the positives of the ICO

  • Lots of partnerships – Bootcamp in Australia, Estonian Transmission, The Lithuanian Ministry of Energy, 220 Energia and more
  • A very good team and a strong set of advisors
  • As someone who has been in the creative industry for a long time they are very good at branding and marketing which is essential
  • A platform that is being built and tested so you don’t have to wait for ages after the ICO for the project to be realised
  • A great deal for token holders, they get advanced warning of new investment opportunities
  • Support for the project in Spain, Australia and Portugal

Some of the negatives

  • There are a lot of blockchain based green energy tokens and projects already so its entering a crowded market place
  • Its a very ambitious project and it could fail if new projects are not able to be set up as expected, or if legislation towards green energy fails, or if the public don’t adopt cryptocurrencies as expected.


I believe this is a fantastic ICO with lots of potential. Yes there are other green energy projects but from what I have seen We Power has the strongest team and the strongest partnerships. Competition is a good thing so there should be lots of companies pushing this agenda forward.

I will be investing in this ICO because it excites me and for once I’m not so involved with thinking about the financial return mooning, being 10x or whatever. I just care that this is successful. If it can create more produces, more buyers and more people making similar platforms it will enable green energy to grow in a way that can have the kind of impact we all want. This is beauty of blockchain and crypto currencies, by investing you can participate in the world you want to create. Without it we would be waiting an eternity for governments or existing corporations to do the right thing.

But of course this is just my opinion and not financial advise.

If you like the sound of We Power want to get involved head over to and get on the whitelist.

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