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sat and a computer mouse

What you really need to know about going into business with a cat

Believe it or not, cats are very creative and can turn their paws to lots of different tasks. There’s just so much to do these days, it makes sense to make the most of these feline wonders.
cat painting book

Left alone a cat would rather sleep all day but with a bit of encouragement and training your cat can take some of your workload and turn your business into a powerhouse of productivity.

So I embarked on a mission to find a cat that I could work with. This is the process I went through and some of the pitfall you will face if you decide to go into business with a cat.


Finding the right cat was essential and a thorough recruitment process was needed.

cat in a boxSorry your very cute but I need someone who can think ‘outside the box’.




Not you either, although I’m sure you’re very good but your customer service skills would be a constant worry.

cat sat on docuoments

Look at you. You’re purrfect. Organised and with a good portfolio. Your hired. What’s your name?


Oh, are you a boy or girl?

It’s not plain sailing getting your cat to do all your work for you

cat in a drawer

 Like all great creatives Maio likes to put the work off for as long as possible.

cat sat in a bag and a drawerAnd she goes to some dark and strange places to get her ideas. It’s a bit freaky.

cat sat at food bowlThere’s no exploitation here, she works to rule and lets me know when lunch break has arrived.

cat by a custinSome of her friends are a bit strange.

cat under a blanket

Work shyness can be an issue and I have to keep checking on her.

cat in a suitcase

I always let her know how grateful I am so after a long project I pack her in my suitcase and we all go on holiday.

cat laying down in the garden

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