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How to succeed at blogging with Mark McGuiness – from 0 to 45K monthly visitors

I was thrilled that Mark McGuinness from agreed to share his vast online marketing knowledge in a 30 minutes Skype chat.

Mark is a creative coach and has been blogging since 2006. He runs two websites that get between 35K to 45k monthly visitors and has worked with some of the biggest names in the online marketing world.

In the first part of the interview Mark takes us back to the days when he was starting out and shares the things he’s done that have had the biggest impact.

Mark says “the first major turning point was when I stopped trying to write a clever and interesting blog and started trying to be helpful. All of a sudden people started leaving comments.”

Mark also talks about the importance of collaboration and gives tips for promoting your website with guest blogging, including how approach an established blog so you can tap into their audience.

There’s plenty more insights and valuable tips that you can use to transform your blog but I’ll let Mark, the expert tell you how he does it.


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