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How to identify trends, increase your content exposure and get traffic

You already know that SEO is critical for business. Part of that is using keywords to rank well in search results. While it is not the only part, it is still important. You need to find keywords that are highly sought after so you come up in people’s searches.

There are many websites that help you identify trends within your niche. You can learn the type of keywords people are searching for and how to use them so you’re found easily.

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Wordtracker for Your Trend Tracking Help

Wordtracker is the first on the list and is full of top tips for identifying trends on the home page. It lists all the ways that you can find out about the type of things people are talking about, including the use of Google Trends and Yahoo Search Cues. It covers all you need to know about SEO, back linking and pay-per-click campaigns, including case studies to back the findings!

Wordtracker also has its own keyword tool. This is excellent for trying to find the best keywords to  use in your content, once you found a trend that you can utilise. There is a step-by-step process for creating your SEO campaign and making the most of it.

The first thing you need to do is sign up. Look out for the free trial to test it before paying and then go to the keyword tool. Type in the thing that you are interested in writing about and you will see a full list of the keywords used. The results will show you how many people search for the keyword phrase and the competition that you face. Those with higher competition will be harder to rank for.

In the table, look at the column with the heading KEI3. This divides the number of searches by the competition. Click on that and only the keywords that you could rank well for will appear. You will then need to look for keyword phrases that you could use your article or website. It is extremely easy to identify the popular trends on your topic and find keyword phrases that you can rank easily for.

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Topsy for the Insights that Really Matter

 The second site is Topsy. When you first open the page it looks like a search engine but it does much more. You can type in the type of business you have or your own keywords and it will come up with the search results containing that. Unlike Google and other search engines, on the left-hand side, you will be able see how many results there have been in the last hour, 18 hours and day etc. to help determine the trend.

To start the search, you just enter the search term that you want to use. You can also enter a website domain if you want to search a particular website. You can then filter the results from the left-hand side, so you can see results from the last day, seven days or even 30 days. You can then filer your search by links, videos or just allow everything to show, which will help you identify trends in social sharing. Opt for the experts to see who are considered experts on Twitter to see the type of content they share.

The right-had side shows you the number of times your search term has been mentioned in social sharing over the period of time you chose. You will also be able to view your search analytics to see how much a trend a term has become. These results are taken from all over the web and not just the Topsy searches; like the way Google analytics only shows results from Google!

To see how much something is being shared or talked about, use the middle column, where the search results appear. You will see at the end of each result there is an orange speech bubble with a number. This is the amount of time something has been shared or how many conversations on Twitter there are. It helps you determine whether something is worth talking about or writing about.

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Google Insights for Quick and Important Information

Google Insights offers help to spot trends and find out what people are currently searching for. While it doesn’t give you the exact keywords, you can take the trend and place it into a keyword tool to find out the exact words that people are using to find. This is just a great way to find a topic to start writing about; especially to find one within your niche.

Think Insights is very simple to use. You simple go to the web page and you will see everything that Google decides is important and ranks well. Right in the centre of the page is The Spotlight, which covers the main important articles, case studies, research studies and more. It gives the photo and title used as the main focus but you can click to read the full piece. At the bottom, in smallish print, is the topic that the piece fits into.

On the right-hand side of the screen is a list of articles, research studies, etc. that Google thinks are important. The first section is labelled Don’t Miss and shows three useful pieces that will help you identify current trends in the searches. The second section is the Most Popular and then there is a section called Planning Tools, where you can click to learn more about your campaigns and find out more tools to help you.

The left-hand side is full of statistics that will help improve your SEO. It can include information about the number of purchases made from tablet computers, how people use their smartphones for the internet searches and about current trends in advertisements. There is also usually information about upcoming webinars designed to help you improve your SEO.

You can get all the insights directly into your inbox. At the top of the page is the ability to sign up to the newsletter. This is a great way to decrease the amount of work you need to do to find out about the current trends in searches. You can also follow Google Insights on Google+ and Twitter for up to date and quick information.


These types of tools are excellent for your business. They give you the chance to find trends and keywords easily to help you put your business on the top.

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