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How to get 10% off your web hosting

This simple step by step guide shows you how to save 10% off your web hosting with TSO Host . TSO Host is without doubt the best web hosting company I’ve used in nearly ten years of building website. 

5 reasons why I recommend TSO host

  1. They have the most affordable hosting packages, which start at £15 per year (its good enough for me!)
  2. They’re based in the UK
  3. They have excellent customer service and usually reply to email queries within 30 mins
  4. They host charities for free
  5. If your website gets hacked they will restore an earlier version immediately (and for free!) so you don’t loose anything

Step 1 – Go to a and choose a domain name

how to get 10% off your hosting

Step 2 – Choose from the list of available domain extensions

get 10% off your webhosting

Step 3 – Go to Domains and choose cPanel hosting


Step 4 – Choose your hosting package, Lite is great to get started



Step 5 – Go to your shopping cart


Step 6 – Enter the discount code – SOCREATE


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