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How to back up your WordPress blog with Dropbox

Running regular back ups is the only way of guaranteeing the security of your website and all the hard work you’ve put into it. I back up to Dropbox which is an amazing free to use file syncing cloud system. You can access any file you put in it from you computer, phone or online. If you don’t have Dropbox you can create a free 2GB account here.

The plugin we’re going to use is BackWPup, it has options to back up to email and other systems as well as Dropbox and only takes a few mins.

Some hosting companies require a work around for this plugin to work, Heart Internet has documentation about it and GoDaddy doesn’t like this plugin very much. If it doesn’t work or you get a message like this:

The HTTP response test get a error “couldn’t connect to host”The HTTP response test get a false http status ()

Send your hosting company a quick message.

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