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Free WordPress tutorial, how to create a website or blog from scratch

This free WordPress tutorial will show you how to use WordPress and get your website up and running. I will talk you through the basics like getting hosting, setting up your site and then go on to show you what you need to start adding content and making pages.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free open source blogging platform that lets you publish content, adapt the design and market your business online. It has the largest market place for extensions and templates than any other online publishing platform.

2 Things everyone should know before starting out with any WordPress tutorial

These are not usually mentioned in any WordPress tutorial or blogging guide but time and again I see people making the same assumptions and understanding it can save you a few headaches later one.

  1. WordPress is not a web design package. Although it can produce amazing designs and has advanced frameworks that have fantastic customisation options, it will always have template constraints that you have to work within.
  2. Learning WordPress is not like learning software packages like Photoshop or Microsoft Word. Any plugin, theme or new feature that you add to WordPress is produced by a third party company or developer and they each take a bespoke approach to design and configuration. So each time you extend WordPress you will probably have to learn how to set up a new feature.


How to get a domain name, hosting and set up WordPress in 5 minutes

Installing WordPress can now literally be done in a few clicks. First you need to buy a domain name and hosting.

Web hosting is essentially a bit of space on someone’s computer that’s connected to the internet 24 hours a day. Prices have really come down lately and you can get it for as little as £15 per year in the UK with TSO hosting. This step by step video will show you how to get everything you need (including 10% off hosting) so you can get your blog up and running.



Lets start making our blog or website

Now you’ve set everything up you can start making your website at last! This video will explain what plugins are and show you how to create pages and set your navigation.

I used the Twenty Twelve theme which has now been updated to the Twenty Thirteen. To follow this video tutorial you will have to go to Appearance, click Themes and select Twenty Twelve from the themes listed below, then activate.

This final video shows you how to add a blog or news feed to your website so you can market your business with great content.

My final bit of advice that will help you learn how to use WordPress

I hope this WordPress tutorial has been helpful. The devil is in the detail, or the devil is the detail. A lot of people come unstuck because their website will not do exactly what they want. No detail is so important that it stops you completing your website. Sometimes its best to just skip it, you can always come back to it when you’ve finished.

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  1. As I come from an academic background, I have had to remind myself that a blog is different from a scholarly research paper. A blog isn’t scholarly, it isn’t based on research (unless you can call time in the shower that) and it isn’t on paper.thanks for this sharing

  2. I was totally confused when I created my first website. I used to write on Blogger. You made the website making tutorial even more easier by making videos. It’s really good.

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