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well know brands using wordpress

35 big brands and superstars that use WordPress (including A-Ha)

I wrote this article because there is this idea that WordPress is not a  proper or decent website platform. Maybe because its linked with blogging, people think its something you do as a hobby. If you think blogging is for hobbyists check this list of 30 superstar bloggers who make a fortune.

Mashable and Techcrunch both use WordPress and have combined estimated earning from advertising of  $1,000,000 month. Even the nordic pop super group A-Ha uses WordPress!

If you need more convincing that WordPress can do the business, check out of how some of the biggest brands today are using WordPress to make incredible websites.

The list is not in any particular order.

big brands using wordpress

1. BBC America
2. Ford
3. Metro
4. Mashable
5. Harvey Nichols
6. Sony
7. The British Government
8. TechCrunch
9. Variety
10. Sweden

companies that use wordpress

11. Ebay
12. Macleans
13. Library of Congress
14. Forbes
15. Tom Jones
16. IBM
17. Georgia State University
19. Usain Bolt

big brands using wordpress

20. The Rolling Stones
21. XXL magazine
22. The Who: Quadrophenia
23. Snoop Dog
24. Blondie
25. Katy Perry
26. LL Cool J
27. Kineda
28. Rolling Stones
29. General Motors

well known brands using wordress

30. Jay Z
31. Time Magazine
32. Bata
33. Best Buy Mobile
34. Lollapolooza

And no list is complete without…

35. A-Ha

I hope this list knocked The Living Daylights out of your expectations. Now you can see how much you can do with WordPress, you won’t be Hunting High and Low for your next website. Be warned, a crappy website will leave you you Crying in the Rain.


big brands that use wordpress

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