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7 essential tips for finding the best WordPress theme for you or your business

There are thousands of free and premium themes available for WordPress and getting a professional looking website has never been easier. Choosing the right theme straight away will save you time having to configuring a theme that either doesn’t work or doesn’t do what you want.

7 tips for finding hassle free WordPress themes

  1. If your using Themeforest always check the star ratings for the theme as a sign of the quality and ease of use. Also look at the feedback as this will tell you if the provider is likely to get back or if the advice is helpful. This will be important if you become unstuck at any point.
  2. Look for the term ‘responsive‘ on any theme description. This means that is will re-size to fit mobiles and tablets which is exactly what you want. Most themes will be now but its worth checking in case you are going to buy an old one.
  3. Not every plugin will work on every theme. There are just far to many WordPress themes and too many plugins. If you have a specific plugin or feature you want to use check with the provider first. This will also help you gauge how helpful the provider is.
  4. How quickly your website loads (page speed) is an essential part of SEO and how a search engine will rank your website. Some theme are made with this in mind so its a good idea to check the loading speed is you are comparing themes if SEO is part your marketing strategy. You can do this with the free tool Pingdom (this is just a guide rather a definite indication of page speed as results will vary). For example StudioPress are one of the fastest loading WordPress theme providers, their Agency theme load speed clocked in at 1.2 seconds, whilst this theme called Transportation took 3.5 seconds to load.
  5. Good quality coding is also essential for good SEO results. You can check any theme with the W3C code validation tool. Ideally you don’t want any errors but a few is OK. The Agency theme had one error, whilst the Transportation theme had 15 errors.
  6. Don’t go on looks alone. WordPress themes are filled with great images so they look fantastic and appealing to you. Take away those fabulous images and you’re left with a blank site. Make a criteria of what you want from a theme and work out how your content be organised on that theme before jumping into something you might not need.
  7. When you start looking for themes build up a list of ones you like then whitle it down to the main contenders before purchasing one. The theme that you think is fantastic one day might not be so great after a few days when you’ve compared it with a few more.


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