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To some Bitcoin is a scam to be avoided. To others it represents the biggest financial revolution in the history of mankind. That’s quite a difference of opinion and if you are looking to get involved by investing some of your own money then it will be a hard call to to make because its likely that most of your attention will be drawn my scare stories from the mainstream media.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is a complex subject and needs serious investigation. It needs to be about more than is it a scam or not because its about a lot more just making money or losing money. There are lots of reasons to get involved with cryptocurrencies and once you grasp the potential and see possibilities for re-shaping our society your investment decisions come from a deeper more satifsying place. On its simplest level  by getting involved you are choosing to participate in and to help grow an alternative and fairer economic model but its unlikely you will read about that in the Daily Mirror.

I wrote this article to share some of the reasons why I got into cryptocurrences …

The rich run the show so we need an alternative

FIAT currency isn’t good or fair. It depreciates, its easily manipulated, it has no intrinsic value attached to it and is part of a system that is dependent on the creation of debt. It makes us vulnerable to corrupt institutions and poor government policy. Watch Money as Debt to find out more.

If you can get a bank account (6.5 billion people can’t) it means you give all your money to an institution that profits from the use of your money and gives you next to nothing in return. VISA charges more than they should to allow for simple transactions. If you can’t get a bank account then you cannot…

Every time you use your debit card VISA will charge at least 40 pence which the merchant has to pay for which will get passed on back to you the customer, making everything a bit more expensive. Our financial world is managed by gate keepers with unfair practices and rip of charges. They make billions from us and until now there has not been an alternative.

Unless you have access to large amounts of capital the system does not work for you. Savings will their value as the years role by. You won’t get much back from an ISA if you put in £10,000 or even £20,000. Its one reason why the housing market is so crazy, its one of the few instruments that is accessible to a large amount of people were your money can become more money. Making money from money is an expression we all know but its actually for the privileged few.

The rich run the show and and the government maintain their interests. Us ordinary Joe’s don’t have access to the same opportunities, we’re not able to shape legislation the same way that big corporations do so we are vulnerable to corruption. And we certainly wouldn’t get away with not paying our taxes like Google does. It’s almost like its designed to keep us in our place, work hard, keep quiet, earn enough money to pay your bills while you dream of escape.

On its simplest level crypto currency represents an alternative financial system that is not controlled by governments and banks. All you need to participate is a smart phone and you can potentially exchange money with anyone in the world almost instantly without having to have a bank account and without paying a banks fees. That alone makes it more inclusive and more democratic. So a step towards crypto is a step towards a society that has more control over their own money.

This Ted Talk by William Mougayar goes into more detail.


Blockchain technology is incredible

The total market capitlization of Bitcoin is currently $94 Billion and the whole cryptocurrency market cap is worth $173 Billion. Its not a couple of guys with a dodgy pyramid scheme which is what you might think of when its labelled a scam. The cryptocurrency landscape is big and its growing very quickly. The reason why its growing so much is because the underlying technology (blockchain) is a revolution in the way we work on computers and on the internet. Put simply, the technology is superior to what we currently have and its not going to go away.

This short article talks about why the blockchain is so important and revolutionary.

So if this blockchain is so great, why haven’t I heard about it? New technology doesn’t usually get mainstream media attention until just before mass adoption. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot going on though. Here are some examples of some amazing technology, some is in use some is on its way.

Identity verification and protection tools that give both businesses and individuals the power to control and protect their identities through the blockchain. Instead of relying on a third party like Experian to hold your financial history you can hold it yourself. Secure and



and its just in its infancy. So the question is, how can a $173 billion industry that is over ten years old be a scam?









There are thousands of coins and tokens now available. In short there is a lot of money and companies involved in crypto currencies and to label it as a scam




Because once you see grasp the potential of what is happening with cryptocurrencies and how it can re-shape our society there is no looking back.

Here are two quotes that sum up how I feel about investing in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, ‘they are greatest financial revolution and opportunity of our life times’ and ‘its the first time in the history of humankind that so many ordinary people have had to opportunity to aquire ‘

I’m not advising anyone to anyone to just go and put some money into Bitcoin. I’m advising you to spare some time and give it some serious investigation so you can make an informed decision. Because if Bitcoin offers a better system than what we currently have then its only a matter of time before it gets mass adoption isn’t it?


Whilst we’re on the subject of VISA cards (electronic money) how secure are they? Do you know someone who has had their card cloned or had money taken from their accounts? I do and I don’t feel that it is the most secure system.

What if there was a safe and secure way to exchange money without needing a bank and without having to pay a banks rip off charges. What if all that you needed to send and receive money was phone and a bar code like this women selling water.

Of course its more complex than that so I’ve put together these videos and resources to help you understand how cryptocurrencies work.

Why Bitcoin is so important

This is a quick 10 min, none technical explanation about what Bitcoin is and how it works.

The feature film Banking On Bitcoin gives you a much deeper explanation. Its also available on Netflix. If you can watch it and not feel a tingle of excitement or interest then you know its not for you.

Blockchain technology is incredible

What about the money

Its only a fad. I don’t think so!






If you wish you’d bought a load Ethereum last year for under a dollar (now worth $280)


Because as more stories start hitting the headlines like ‘man who spent £20 in cryptocurrencies five years ago become millionare’

There is a lot more to cryptocurrencies than trying to get rich



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