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20 reasons to use wordpress

20 reasons why you should use for your website

Photography by Zerge Violat

wordpress is currently the biggest online platform for making websites on the internet. The best part of WordPress is the simple step by step process from setting up websites to adding and removing content. WordPress also has advanced functionality that is needed to impact your SEO rankings. And being free doesn’t mean WordPress is just used by bloggers but is one of the most integral parts of many known online brands.

The difference between and can be charted under many points. Where is much of a hands on experience for users the .com service provides all necessary background work for the website. can have custom themes built and are available mostly for no price at all whereas the .com has themes that are available free and some for a high price too. The flexibility to install plugins and hosting your own site is unavailable at and is largely an integral part of to perform various functions for the website.

These are the greatest reasons for anyone to setup a website.


1. WordPress is open source and is completely free

Most sites that offer websites for “free” or are coined under the term “open source” come with hidden agendas and restrictions. Whereas is really free for life and also provides the entire code of your website.


2. WordPress is taken care of by Automattic, which is an amazing company

Matt Mullenweg and his company, Automattic, are one of the best companies in their field. The open source code they have provided is W3C validated which shows how good a standard is maintained by them. The source code which is of a commercial nature evolves constantly, thanks to the involvement of Automattic  it doesn’t go out of date.


3. Get more productivity with plugins works very well with plugins and its functionality is perfectly synchronized. These plugins are a great feature for users who want to benefit from setting up a photo gallery, sliders, forums, maps, etc. with lot of ease. A host of plugins can be searched with one single click in the plugin directory.


4. Great visual editor and CMS makes adding blog to the site easy!

The backend of WordPress is very user friendly just like Word and the CMS continuously is updated with additional features like histories, trash, galleries, comments, etc for a great user experience.


5. Used by the biggest of the brands

Huge brands have their websites on WordPress and are benefitting from the easy integration process. A few of these brands are Ebay, Yahoo, Ford, Wall Street Journal, Sony, People Magazine, Samsung, Wired, Firefox, Flickr, CNN,, Giga Om, NYTimes Blog, Playstation and many more.

wordpress themes

6. Stylish Themes for website

For users who need to setup a website without having a custom design, there is a whole range of themes available on WordPress. The themes are open source and can be bought or downloaded for customization to get great looking websites instantly. Plus the website regardless of the design can run any theme desired right from a personal blog to an online shop, a lead generator, membership site and much more.


7. Higher Security

WordPress can be installed in just 5 minutes with a simple step by step process. It provides great features, functionality and support using updates for security. With additional plugins the websites can be hack proofed easily.


8. WordPress is loved by Google

Making Permalinks is one of the most ideal thing to do for any blog site as it is more easy for human beings to read through it and make it search engine friendly. With some SEO plugins or just native permalinks and easy linking available in WordPress, there can be a massive boost applied to get high above in the ranking of the site on Google.

wordpress social media icons

9. Social Media Integration:

WordPress understands the need to connect to people when it comes to using a website and growing the number of hits returning from the page. This is why it is quite effective in providing total integration with all the social networking platforms. It provides many various ways for people to connect to the website using sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Google+ and other similar social marketing websites.


10. Integration of Apps and important tools:

It has become quite important for websites to carry apps that have greater usability. As time progresses the demand for such tools and apps will only increase. Keeping such a future requirement in mind WordPress smoothly integrates important apps and websites like Sound Cloud, YouTube, Google maps, etc. This helps in getting all the types of data streamlined into one place and adds different ways of getting links back to the website too.


11. Greater Accesibility on various platforms

WordPress sites are said to be accessible in terms of technology and installation on Windows or Linux servers. Plus the webpages show up in HTML and CSS for good viewing on different digital platforms especially mobile phones since the rise in access of websites via smart phones.

12. Nurture and grow your site

WordPress helps easy installation of upgraded features available in a few clicks. The ease of use from applying themes without re-doing your website or adding beneficial plugins makes it easy to improve your sites impact on the internet.


13. Vast Community

WordPress has a great and huge community worldwide in case you need help and support from a professional. There are numerous tutorials and forums to help, from starting up, to using WordPress to its full potential.

Due to this vast community in a way, your WordPress website is future proofed since there is no lack of support and developers who work for an affordable fee to create, manage and upgrade a WordPress website.

 wordpress dashboard

14. User Friendly interface

WordPress doesn’t need people with excellent design and development experience for setting up a website. Users are taken step by step in a GUI based user friendly way to setup a website in no time. Also website maintenance and upgrading takes place in a few simple clicks so it is easy to update in matter of few minutes without the need of coding knowledge.

15. Easy website management:

Apart from being user friendly in terms of designing and planning the website, WordPress is also quite resourceful for managing the content especially for non-technical users. It basically works in the background to make the content being displayed, searched and indexed as well. This makes it easier for the users to concentrate on their content rather than the technicalities of how to put it up.


16. Protection against Spam

WordPress is protected from spam and hacking that generally takes place on open source websites. It helps in getting rid of spammers by a single click and with additional plugins security can be strengthened more.

17. WordPress has Full User Registration

WordPress has a very simple administration panel to control the website. It has a built-in user registration system helps in allowing registration by people to create profiles and comment on blogs.

18. No software needed and is cloud-based

Editing a WordPress website is easy and can be done simply logging in from any computer that has internet. It doesn’t require any software like Adobe Dreamweaver to edit the HTML pages. This makes it easier for people with little or no web development background to maintain a website of their own.


19. Amazing Plug-in Contact Form

Plugins as mentioned are great and contact form plugin is no less, creating contact page for users to communicate without displaying your email-id.


20. Cost effective

DeviousMedia has stated that WordPress takes the least amount of cost when it comes to setup, customization and maintaining when compared with other open source CMS like Drupal and Joomla. WordPress designers are also available in abundance who can be sought for help or tweaking the site at a very affordable price.


These above reasons are quite impressive for a website to offer and that too for free. That is why it is a perfect place for beginners to start their website at minimum budget but maximum impact. Also big businesses can benefit from having a WordPress site since it will take the hassle off from maintaining detailed sites and focus on expanding the customer base.

There is no debate on left after the above point on whether WordPress is the best place for your website and is the best in its kind.


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